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Chakra workshop by Yueh-hsien (Jay) Chen, sun 14th of January

Experience and really feel what chakra's are! Before diving right into learning about the seven chakras and what each of them do, take a moment to tune in to your body and see if you can feel your chakras at work!


The aim of this Chakra workshop is to provide fundamental knowledge based on the teachings of Hatha Yoga derived from Agama School, Lady Niguma Yoga, Reiki system, and the personal experiences of Yueh-Hsien Chen in energy healing works.

What people feel when they are sensing subtle energy is highly individual.

Jay is a experienced yoga teacher and bodyworker (thai yoga massaga, reiki and energy healing). He  will guide you to obtain objective insights in how chakras in our body relate and resonate to the outer world (macrocosm).  And how they correspond with our five major bodies (pancakosha, microcosm).

Furthermore, participants are engaged to the practice of sensing chakras and subtle energies by use of their own sense of touch.


Content of workshop

  1. Introduction
    “Philosophical basis of yoga:
    One-whole and duality, purusa-prakriti, Shiva-Shakti, resonance between macrocosm (universe) and microcosm (ourselves) illustration of 5 kosha and more.
  1. Short (light) asana practice
    This Agama-derived asana practice is a preparation for the next exercise, and aims to activate the minor chakras in the centre of our palms to increase sensation of subtle energies.
  1. Sense and scan chakras
    Sense and scan subtle energies and chakras with use of your hands.
  1. Fundamental knowledge 
    Get to learn each of chakras and how they relate to our material world, people, our own behaviours and personalities, asana practice…etc
  1. Question and answers


For whom:
Open to all levels, no yoga experience needed. Come with an open mind!


Hope to see you for this chakra workshop on Sunday 14th of January. If you're not a member of De Yoga Studio but would like to participate, please feel free to join us.